Economic success with circular economy!

Rely on the success factor circular economy and you are prepared,
when sustainability goes from NICE TO HAVE to MUST HAVE!

With PROCEED we bundle 25 years of consulting and training experience to support you:
To celebrate economic and ecological success through circular economy!



Circular economy and our offer in a nutshell:

Sustainably towards more success!

With our solutions and our entrepreneurial know-how, we have developed PROCEED to pave the way to an economically successful, sustainable future for you and your company through circular economy!


  • Save costs – more efficient, effective and sustainable processes and become “greener” at the same time!
  • Exploit competitive advantages –  lower risks, new customers, opportunities for marketing and CSR!
  • Live innovation – tap into additional funding opportunities!
  • Increase resilience – against current and future crises!
  • Open up market opportunities –  new market niches, more sales, more stable customer relationships and sustainable profits!
  • Develop your organisation – more motivation and higher productivity in the company!
  • Sustainable successful strategies – realise economic, ecological and social gains through circular economy!


Our offer: the 3 PROCEED consulting packages

IMPULSE consultancy

Many of our customers are not yet familiar with the details of circular economy. With us, you don’t have to be that either. Those who are at the beginning want to see where the road is leading – and that’s exactly where we pick you up!

Take a risk-free and cost-effective look at your possibilities and opportunities through circular economy in your company!
In our IMPULSE consultation, we show you competitive advantages, innovation and other benefits you could realise. In addition, you will receive an impulse paper and access to digital training materials for all your employees.
  • Impulse consulting – efficient, effective and cost-efficient
  • Impulse paper – initial analyses and impulses for your start towards circular economy
  • BONUS: Digital training materials for all employees
  • Up to 80% funding (in Austria) possible for this package!!

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From individual idea development to a complete project start-up package: there’s something for everyone here!

With the READY4CIRCLES package, we work with you to develop concrete ideas and approaches for projects that you and your company can implement to realise benefits through circular economy. In our CIRCLE SMITHY we develop concrete projects for funding programmes for you and your company – from the idea to the submission of the funding application!
We provide technical experts and specialists for detailed questions as well as interested organisations and companies for possible cooperations!
Hybrid consulting means: You decide whether online or in real life! We offer our consulting services to companies and organisations of all sectors and sizes – also completely online! This saves you time, money and enables the greatest possible flexibility!
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For all companies, the legal framework for sustainability will change in the coming years. With our smart and time-saving consulting offers and tool kits, you, your company and your employees are well prepared for these challenges. And more!

You will be surprised how easy it is to set sustainable processes in motion in your company with circular economy, which will help you to make your company fit for the next step. And at the same time you will contribute to creating a future worth living on this planet for all of us!


More info about the PROCEED consulting approach

Free initial consultation
Advice on funding opportunities
First insight into your opportunities through circular economy

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