Hybrid Consulting

Hybrid consulting

You decide whether online or in real life! We offer our consulting services in person,
but we are also offering them completely online:
This saves you time and money and enables the greatest possible flexibility! 

Our consultancy for companies and organisations of all sizes and sectors revolves around the PROCEED CIRCLES. With this toolkit, we show you perspectives with which you can develop concrete ideas for projects and realise the benefits of circular economy! In this video we introduce you to our CIRCLES:

BONUS: Digital training materials

Our digital content is about raising awareness and sensitisation for circular economy.
But we aim for more: we want to create curiosity and real interest for the topic!
Click on the picture below to take a free look into the training materials!


The basic module is designed to create the fundamental awareness in your company of what circular economy means and why projects in this area are developed and implemented.
The CIRCLES module serves as a toolkit for you, where you can look up perspectives and find best practice examples as inspiration at any time!
In the IMPULSE consultancy you’ll get the basic module and in the READY4CIRCLES package both modules for free – online and for your learning management system!

Circular Economy in Politics and the Future

At the political level, circular economy has already arrived. In the coming years,
it will become unavoidable for companies through laws and regulations.
Do you want to secure numerous competitive advantages as a first-mover?
Or be among the last ones, who then must adapt to changing framework conditions under stress?

The European Commission’s Communication on the new 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan states:
“Applying the principles of the circular economy across the EU economy could succeed in increasing EU GDP by an additional 0.5% by 2030 and create around 700,000 new jobs, according to estimates from a recent study. The economic benefits for individual businesses are also clear: with EU manufacturing companies spending on average around 40% of their expenditure on materials, closed-loop models can increase their profitability while protecting them from fluctuations in resource prices.” The current version of the Action Plan lists over 30 “key actions” that will also be relevant for you and your business in the coming years!

Other calculations and estimates on the savings and thus economic success potential of circular economy in practice also illustrate the potential market volume for circular economy, e.g. WWF Austria (in German only), which in turn relies on data from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation: According to current calculations for the EU27, conversions in the areas of maintenance, repair, reuse of resources and products as well as recycling activities can amount to annual savings of USD 380 billion to USD 630 billion, depending on the degree of implementation.
Austria’s climate goals will also require a transformation of the Austrian economy towards a circular economy in order to be realised and the need to promote circular economy is also considered and included in the Austrian government programme 2020-2024 (in German only).